Tower evocation on Kodály körönd    -    2017. 07. 08.

The Hübner Court on Andrássy Street wants to regain its towers lost during the World War, which the entire Kodály Circle is missing a lot.

At the same time as the facade reconstruction of the old building we are planning to build a loft that includes the rebuilding of the destroyed two towers - the formation of this is still unclear. The towers have stood for nearly 60 years and now have been missed for more than 70 years. We think the correct architectural answer is to evoke the original corner structures with contemporary architecture for which a detailed study has been prepared. The opposite, more conservative attitude, is a complete, reconstruction giving back the old shapes. We're still struggling.

Original state with four towers:

Current status with two remaining and two missing towers:

Examination of evocation:

Formal reconstruction with a hologram: