Zichy in A+D


There was an article about our floor addition made with fibre cement facade cover in issue no. 55 of magazine Architecture and Detail. 

NMTK 2021


The National Sample Design Catalogue is ready. Lechner Knowledge Center worked out our plan in a really nice manner. Cube house converters go!



Zrínyi Miklós szobra már több, mint 100 éve szemléli a köröndi eseményeket. Látott Girardi-kalapos kisasszonyokat és elegáns lovaskocsikat, égből pusztító Liberátorokat, mozgalmi dalokat zengő embertömeget és szivárványos felvonulásokat, és most, 2019-ben látta, amint egy kecses, kék toronydaru áll fel a Hübner-ház díszudvarában. Ugyanis: az építkezés megkezdődött!

National Sample Design Catalog


Lezárult a Nemzeti Mintaterv Katalógus építészeti ötletpályázat. Kockaházak átalakítása kategóriában indultunk, a terv megvételt nyert, így szerepel majd a katalógusban. 


2019. 02. 11.

A Limes model elképesztően részletgazdag makettet készített a Kodály köröndi tetőtérbeépítésünkről. Homlokzati díszek, padlóburkolatok, kovácsoltvas korlátok, 105-ös busz, semmi nem maradt le. Köszönjük, Géza.

Piano zebra project

2018. 12. 04.

The two city sensitizers, Moni and Emőke Majevszky’s fulfillment of the love for built environment and playing the piano at a world heritage site, in front of the Opera, Andrássy Avenue is a worthy tribute to the relationship between music and our country.

Zichy veil

2018. 11. 19.

No need to wait long and the local people can meet the forgotten beautiful works of the ore processing factory owner Steiner brothers. Acroteria, Gothic leafs, badges, shields and garlands. The old tin ornament factory steps up again on the stage of Terzézváros in an elegant gray dress and a white lace coat.

Architecture and fashion

2018. 07. 23.

KVARC AND ILLE OLLA - An old dream seems to come true: architecture and fashion at the same time. New house new dress. Details later.

The naked truth


We renovate the flat of a one hundred and fifty year old listed building. All clothes fell down from it, it is standing here in front of us naked and sincere. While we are walking on the vaults of the dusty slab, history unfolds before us.

City/sensitization in Fuga

2018. 03. 24.

ARCHE The project – Cheerful creative adventure and drawing with city sensitization for children aged 6-10 where the young urbanistics can draw up their own fantasy city and can experience the joy of common artwork.

The tower VR tour

2018. 02. 12.

From now on, you can walk in any of our plans. Here's a little trip into a tower-temple on Kodály Körönd.

Red and green

2017. 12. 15.

Our proposal for the idea for the renovation of the Király Spa. Turkish-gray Turkish broad stone, brass green, red brick, Tardosi red stone slab - steamy, foggy. The power and depth of this “royal” bath atmosphere is carried forward by the reconstruction plan.

Tower evocation on Kodály körönd

2017. 07. 08.

The Hübner Court on Andrássy Street wants to regain its towers lost during the World War, which the entire Kodály Circle is missing a lot.

Buda Castle District

2017. 06. 30.

The design competition for the utilization of St. George's Square and Dísz Square in Buda was completed and we won the purchase. Among the progressive-conservative works that extremely share public opinion here is our "Kvarc" solution.


2017. 01. 22.

We have our new office - looking for a bit of architectural pampering, now you can find Studio KVARC on Oktogon instead of Wesselényi Street. The range of services has also expanded to include static, structural expert and electrical designer.

Nagymező street

2016. 06. 06.

The more modest version of our attic extension on Nagymező Street got a green light from MTT.

Roof of the Year Award


The metal roofing of our attic extension on Csengery Street, completed by Puskás Művek, received a category award from ÉMSZ. Their work is well worth it.

A splash of color in Baross street

2016. 02. 15.

100 years ago Budapest was a much more colorful city than today, lively and brave colours were used in architecture at the turn of the century. That's why we tried to bring a little turquoise freshness to the Palace District.

Dance for joy on Kodály körönd

2015. 08. 15.

We are planning to renovate the Hübner Courtyard on Andrássy Street, which, in addition to the complete reconstruction, will also get back its two lost towers. We have received the approval of the District Planning Board.

Beginning on Csengery

2014. 10. 27.

Work has begun at 74 Csengery Street, with floor and facade reconstruction is under progress, beyond expectations.  A few pictures about the constructon. The view of the cleaned wooden beam slab is overwhelming.

something is going on in Mogyorós

2014. 05. 10.

When the roof is finished, the shape of the family house next to the forest is well visible, and is proudly looking down on us from the hill. It is getting ready in order, exactly as we planned.

House in Perbál

2014. 04. 19.

We have given a new meaning to the life of a Kádár cube with this plan, but unfortunately due to the respect of the roof elements of the street scene, it has to be carried outin a different way. To be continued.